Trial Experiences With Krampus O-phoria

Report 1: (included all ingredients minus Ginseng Root Extract) by Krampus My goal is pretty much the same: a concoction that comes in handy when you wanna indulge in some extra special chill time and maybe enhance things like gaming, socializing, or bedroom shenanigans. Nothing too sinister. What I got was kinda like “Vegan U-phoria”. […]

Trial Experiences With Krampus U-Phoria 2

Report 1: by Krampus Still awaiting word from my testers, but wanted to give some initial thoughts on U-phoria part 2. Where do I even begin … okay, for starters I find this blend more laid back than the first. Body is lightweight and muscles feel kinda noodley. Like laying down feels fuckin’ spectacular. Overall […]

Fermented Kanna vs. Unfermented Kanna: What’s the Difference?

People often ask us: “Krampus, what’s the difference between fermented kanna and unfermented kanna?” Well after months of extensive testing, we’ve finally put our wrinkly finger on it … I think. Here goes:   Kanna traditionally goes through the process of fermentation, which gives it new character – so to speak, for about a week. […]

KALK Reviews

Well, to say I have a difficult time sleeping is like saying the water is just lukewarm up in Antarctica. My sleep patterns are whack. So, when I heard people were sleeping well with KALK, I had to give it a shot. I was extremely leery, as I have yet to find that perfect “whatever” […]

Trial Experiences With Krampus U-phoria

Report 1: (included all ingredients minus Adrafanil) by Krampus Full effects were slow to kick in and didn’t peak til nearly the 4 hour mark. This may be due to the high dose of kratom I started before then, which can some time dull the effects of other things. But once I got rolling I […]

Vaping CBD Juice and the Effects of CBD Oil

CBD has taken off as its own little niche both inside and outside of the medical marijuana phenomenon. It can be consumed in numerous ways apart from directly smoking cannabis flower. Vaping is one method picking up steam. The concept of vaping CBD oil is based on the same principal as vaping nicotine and non-nicotine […]

What Is CBD? An Introduction to Cannabidiol

The medical marijuana movement is in full swing. Slowly but surely, the rest of America is waking up to facts we’ve known for quite sometime – cannabis is a versatile plant with a host of practical uses and medicinal benefits. The cannabis plant owes its magical properties to a wide variety of active compounds. THC […]