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Krampus Botanicals offers some of the finest CBD products in the industry. Our products combine state of the art manufacturing with the best of Mother Nature to achieve botanical perfection. From CBD Oil to CBD Capsules to CBD Wax, we have a little something for everyone.


Disclaimer: These products are not approved by the FDA, nor intended to treat any medical conditions.







CBD Hemp Flower

We proudly welcome top of the line CBD hemp flower to the Krampus Botanicals menu. Cultivated by seasoned farmers, our CBD hemp flower delivers the medicinal and therapeutic benefits cannabidiol is so well known for. The flowers are composed of CBD buds that resemble marijuana in both appearance and aroma. With less than 0.3 percent THC, these products are in compliance with the U.S. Farm Bill. 7606 and legal in all 50 states.



Krampus Diesel CBD Hemp Flower (15% CBD) – $12 a gram

As the name suggests, this lovely flower is a distant relative of the award-winning cannabis strain Sour Diesel. Featuring a pleasant lemony taste and limitless therapeutic potential, it is one of the best CBD hemp flower products on the roster.


Cherry Krampus CBD Hemp Flower (10% CBD) – $10 a gram

A sativa-heavy hybrid with a robust terpenes profile, Cherry Krampus is the perfect hemp strain for CBD fanatics. The effects are surprisingly uplifting while the aroma is refreshingly sweet.


Crafted Krampus CBD Hemp Flower (10% CBD) – $10 a gram

Rich in both CBD and aroma, Crafted Krampus stands out as the most unique addition to our roster. The balance of stimulation and spiciness may skyrocket this gem straight to your favorites list.


Bang Bang!! Krampus CBD Hemp Flower (11% CBD) – $10 a gram or $45 per 5 grams

The name says it all. Bang Bang!! Krampus is another mind-blowing hybrid that packs a punch and in 5-gram allotments, gives you a bang for your buck!!!


Blue Berry Krampus CBD Hemp Flower (18% CBD) – $12 a gram

Our Blue Berry Hemp Flower is rich in both CBD and cannabigerol (CBG), a vital compound responsible for many of the benefits in cannabis. Beautifully cured with a nice earthy aroma and anti-anxiety effects, this one holds its own with some of the best CBD strains on the planet!


I found that smoking the flower gave me a good amount of anxiety relief with no head high! Smoked it in the afternoon and enjoyed playing videos games with my daughter for a couple hours after! Nothing bad to say about it at all, definitely something I’d like to try long term bc we all know these things works best after given time to build up I think itd also be a great addition to daily cbd hemp oil use!




Krampus CBD Wax/CBD Dabs with Terpenes (99%) – 500 MG – $60

This ultra-potent CBD wax contains a high concentration of terpenes for maximum benefits! Comes available in the following strains: Gorilla Glue, Hardcore OG, Super Lemon Haze.


Krampus CBD Wax/CBD Dabs (83%) – 827 MG 1 gram/500 MG – $110/$60

A highly concentrated extract, Krampus CBD Wax is one of the most potent CBD products on the market and arguably the most effective way to  consume CBD. Trust us when we say a little goes a long way!


Krampus Juice (Full-spectrum CBD oil ) – $50

Our Krampus Juice is a full-spectrum tincture extracted from premium hemp flower. Packing all the essential cannabinoids in one powerful potion, this 30-ml product holds it own against any CBD oil we’ve ever stocked.


Krampus CBD Oil 100 MG – $15 – SOLD OUT!

Available in peppermint, our 10 ml CBD Oil works as a standalone tincture or addictive mixed with your favorite vape liquids.


Krampus CBD Oil 225 MG – $30

Available in peppermint, our 15 ml CBD Oil works as a standalone tincture or addictive mixed with your favorite vape liquids.


Krampus CBD Oil 900 MG – $125

Available in peppermint, our 60 ml CBD Oil works as a standalone tincture or addictive mixed with your favorite vape liquid.


Krampus Chill Pills 400MG/10 MG (40) – $50

Made from pure CBD and organic coconut oil, our Krampus Chill Pills deliver the maximum benefits in the most hassle-free form possible.




I am a medical mj patient, and definitely have noticed each compound of the plant provides relief differently. If I am needing some mild pain relief, am experiencing insomnia or having anxiety issues, the high CBD products are more geared for that IMO. I was awake one night for 4 hours tossing and turning and popped 3 caps and was out like a light for a solid 6 hours. A product I will be ordering more of!