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Products sold at KrampusBotanicals.com are not intended for human consumption. These products are exclusively sold to fuel the scientific initiatives of established and amateur researchers alike in studying topics such as botanicals, agriculture, and spirituality. The products on this website have not been fully studied by medical authorities nor approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, the products and statements on this website are not guaranteed to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition.


The products sold at KrampusBotanicals.com are explicitly sold to the buyer with the full understanding that they are not to be altered, knowingly mislabeled, or used in concert with any scheduled substances, precursor material or otherwise.


The buyer acknowledges that they understand products sold on this website have not been tested for effectiveness or safety in commercial, scientific, medicinal, personal, or other usage applications. The buyer expresses their agreement to make sure these products are properly tested according to the established best practices in their field of study and in full compliance with applicable laws at the time of purchase and thereafter.


The buyer understands that due to the fact they are strictly intended for the purpose of research, the products sold at KrampusBotanicals.com may not be listed on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory. As a result, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be certain that if applicable, these products are approved for usage under TSCA terms. The buyer is responsible for identifying and verifying any hazards associated with using the products by conducting their own research. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to inform any secondary research parties of the potential hazards associated with using or handling products sold on KrampusBotanicals.com.


KrampusBotanicals.com disclaims all warranties, guarantees, and statements of any sort expressed or implied regarding the use or effectiveness of the products sold. This includes, but is not limited to any direct, indirect, or punitive damages connected with the use of said products, regardless of perceived endorsements and potential benefits.


Under no circumstance shall KrampusBotanicals.com be liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages that result from using or handling the products purchased on this website regardless of accussations of negligence or other claims on behalf of the buyer. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other materials, the buyer agrees to hold KrampusKratom.com harmless from any expenses, losses, liabilities, or claims of any sort that result from their use and handling of the products.


When purchasing any products from KrampusBotanicals.com the buyer acknowledges they are 18 years old or over, own or work for a research firm, are a qualified scientific researcher with the appropriate laboratory facility, and skilled in handling potentially hazardous materials.


KrampusBotanicals.com will not facilitate the sale or procurement of any scheduled or restricted products. It is the buyer’s responsibility to fully research the legality of the products in question to be certain they are in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to their residing locale.

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