KALK Reviews

Well, to say I have a difficult time sleeping is like saying the water is just lukewarm up in Antarctica. My sleep patterns are whack. So, when I heard people were sleeping well with KALK, I had to give it a shot. I was extremely leery, as I have yet to find that perfect “whatever” to get quality sleep. Sometimes I can fall asleep okay, and I wake up with the clock saying I was out for all of 4 minutes, or I just don’t fall asleep. Well, let me tell you….. I began with one capsule in case I had to take it again once I woke up 4 minutes later (lol). I don’t even recall my head hitting the pillow. I woke up 9, NINE hours later with my laptop on my face and fully dressed in my clothes from the previous day. I figured it was a fluke, so I tried it again and again. I have some nights where I just can’t wind down for anything, and then I do take 2. However, 9 times out of 10 I only need one capsule to knock me out for the entire night. There has never been a night where I have laid awake after taking these babies. I will continue to keep these in my nightstand, forever and ever. I am beyond elated Contel discovered this concoction. – Jess


Omgosh. I can’t even. It knocked me out and I sleeped so solid without any night terrors. Granted I slept much longer than I wanted but it worked like a charm. I took three capsules. Now normally I take enough sleeping meds at night to tranquilize a horse or two, and most nights I’m still left wide awake, as you may have noticed. But not with KALK. I was out within maybe 30 minutes at most and no night terrors. Night terrors are usually a nightly thing for me. I give the KALK a 100 on a scale of 1-10. Great product my friend, you did wonderfully. Thank you for letting me try it, well for the contest to win it haha. Also helped me feel relaxed and mellow before knocking me out. – Princess


2.5 hrs later – Alertness/awakeness- Stunted but I can stay awake as needed. I do feel like I could sleep right away right now if I lied down. Worth noting that this is different than my normal fatigue attacks where I HAVE to take a power nap.

Energy level- Lowered

Mood- not really giving a fuck right now, I usually don’t have anxiety until the evening though.

Irritability-slightly higher, I think because I feel sleepy and the kids are bothering me now and then (its like they expect me to take care of them, WTF?!)

Pain- Its not helping much for my pain, I will take my red Kratom in a minute.

Focus, creativity- no improvement, not decreased either

Libido- I wanna fuck all things phallic shaped. This is not an increase for me, that’s normal. A libido increase for me means I AM fucking all the phallic things, or I’m on my way to a lover’s house to beg for sex.

Misc effects- little bit of nasal inflammation/pressure, slightly lighter feeling in my head (not lightheaded but close to it), eyes feel tired, sensitive to noises more than usual (that could just be these wild ass, loud children and their fucking repetitive noises though)

I’ll update if this changes, otherwise I plan to try 2 in the evening tomorrow and see if it gives me any benefit for my insomnia since its making me sleepy. – Bee