Trial Experiences With Krampus U-Phoria 2

Report 1: by Krampus

Still awaiting word from my testers, but wanted to give some initial thoughts on U-phoria part 2. Where do I even begin … okay, for starters I find this blend more laid back than the first. Body is lightweight and muscles feel kinda noodley. Like laying down feels fuckin’ spectacular. Overall it is noticeably more intense. The waves, vibrations, or whatever you wanna call ’em were non-stop at times. Like I had to close my eyes and just soak it in as I sat back in bed snacking on some sausage and cheese. Yeah, about four hours in I was peaking hard and still had my usual late night/early morning munchies.

I’m kinda thinking that 1 capsule might be equivalent to the same level of intensity as 2 caps of U-phoria part 1, but I can’t be for certain just yet. My tolerance is kinda up due to extensive testing … gotta make sure I got everything just right, plus I can’t lie that this shit is hella fun, so I’ve still been taking at least 2. Still getting good effects though with short breaks of only a day or two in between. I’m also hoping that this one makes clashing with kratom less of an issue. Effects have been consistently strong despite the usual kratom dosing, with the exception of crushed leaf tea. I make some mean kratom tea, so while the effects were still noticeable, they were significantly weaker then as well. I guess you can say the tea drowned it out to a degree. I still think timing is very important as far as kratom concerned.

Still a very slow creep, though emptying the caps and going toss and wash may speed up the onset a bit. Good luck with that. Shit is not very yummy at all. No negative side effects noted so far. I just have to caution pairing both this and the first with other stimulants to prevent over-stimulation and anxiety issues. Smooth comedown. Sleep comes easy. Wake up feeling refreshed. So overall I’d say the sequel shows a lot of promise. Should be enjoyed by everyone who dug the original and perhaps offer a better experience for those who weren’t so lucky the first time. We shall see!

Report 2: by Krampus Female Tester

I don’t know what it is about these u-phoria concoctions but I respond so well to these. This time I felt it start to kick an hour in. Slow creep like the first time and peaked around hour 4. There’s more body stimulation with these than the original. And it comes in waves. I would be sitting there and a huge rush would come over me from my head to my toes. So much fun! There was also a larger amount of energy. I took a walk in the cold at midnight and my whole body tingled. It was AWESOME. My brain was laser focused. I used to do medical coding and it crossed my mind last night that I would have been coding like a madwoman at rapid speed if I still had that job. DISCLAIMER…no way would I want to be at work taking these. Don’t do it. Lmao!! Just a warning…these increase your sex drive. I kept my boyfriend up all night. I’ll just leave it at that. They absolutely killed my appetite though. I didn’t eat dinner. Or snack later. It’s 1125 here now and I’m still not hungry and it’s almost been 24 hours since I ate. But I feel great this morning. Slept awesome once I finally went to bed. Drinking coffee and chilling. It was a really fun all nighter. Pretty bright colors, waves of euphoria, laser focus, sex drive on overload, what a fun night!!! Next time I’m trying 2.