Tongkat Ali

Also known as “long jack”, tongkat ali is one of the most interesting and powerful herbs in the world of botanicals. The plant, which grows abundantly in Southeast Asia, is perhaps best known as an aphrodisiac, but shows promise well beyond sexual performance. Potential benefits of tongkat ali include:

  • Improved sex drive in both men and women
  • Increased testosterone
  • Increased energy and enhanced vitality
  • Ability to promote weight loss by burning fat
  • Improved cognitive function

The effects of tongkat ali are entirely dependent on the quality of the product, and Krampus Botanicals is proud to say we have procured some of the best, most freshest tongkat ali on the planet! In fact, this very product is a staple in an exclusive blend our customers affectionately know as “KratomSutra“!!



Tongkat Ali Powder

1 oz – $8.00