Trial Experiences With Krampus U-phoria

Report 1: (included all ingredients minus Adrafanil) by Krampus

Full effects were slow to kick in and didn’t peak til nearly the 4 hour mark. This may be due to the high dose of kratom I started before then, which can some time dull the effects of other things. But once I got rolling I noticed much stronger euphoria than the first batch. Very reminiscent of kanna alone, yet unique and more pronounced. Pleasurable waves and intense energy and stimulation at times. Other effects were enhanced visual and audio perception and instant horn. Still have to test this with the wife, but I got good feelings about improvements in climax sensitivity and recovery times for round two. Smooth come down. Great sleep. No hangovers.

All that is off two capsules, which is probably just right. I’m thinking one will be ideal for lightweights who want an energy and focus boost. 3 would probably have you creaming on yourself while four may be knock your socks off zone. These are just my guesses of course.

Already took the gamble of mixing with some LSD. Probably foolish on my part because at two capsules and one tab it was pretty intense. Almost too much in the beginning. But things calmed down and ended up being a pretty epic time. From that experience I have learned that while it’s a safe herb and nootropic mix, it’s powerful stuff. Respect is warranted.

Report 2: by Krampus

Approaching the end of the Adrafinil Edition and I have to give it a huge THUMBS UP. This experience was marked by some intense, gripping euphoria. Pronounced from head to toe and much stronger than any of my other experiences. There were times where I literally felt smashed … in a good way of course. Some porn might’ve been real fun, but I resisted the temptation this time around.

While it lacked the uppity stimulation I seem to be looking for, my 15-gram kratom dose probably had something to do with that. I’m almost certain. Started to kick in real strong about 3 hours in, but I was still peaking hardcore well after 4 and half hours later. Made myself eat something at about 5 hours and even that was hella enjoyable. Like food tasted good as fuck and it felt like taste buds were spread throughout my body. Approaching six hours and I’m still feeling fabulous as I get ready to shut it down for the day.

Kanna is definitely the anchor, but everything else seems to synergize in a way that makes it uniquely euphoric, stronger, and much longer.

Report 3: by Anonymous Female

Well I’d have to say you nailed it. I feel like the strength of it came on at 1.5 hours. It’s now been about 3.5 hours and still going strong. Good mood, took a bath that was amazing, and there is definitely a buzz. Don’t know how to explain it though, but you know what I’m taking about. Definitely sexually charged. Finally eating and you’re right, even that is nice lol. Absolutely no side effects, except I couldn’t get warm in the beginning. I really really like it. I can handle more but it’s really not necessary to be honest. Might be nice to have before a social event. Curious to see how I transition into evening sleep mode.

Report 4: (From a Live Trip Report by U-phoria Contest Winner)

T+ Just tried the u-phoria caps. And now I wait

T+ 1:10 Ears are warm. And I’m silly. Lol. That’s all I have to report as of now. Something’s brewing though, and I’m giggly.

T+ 1: 11 Kinda psychedelic too. Bright colors. But not out of control feeling. So far so good!

T+ 1:15 Oh it’s pretty awesome so far!

T+ 1: 19 Yeah it’s a slow creep. Pretty happy right now though! Totally a fun start!

T+ 1:20 Gonna take a phish couch tour! Should be fun!! Yasssssss!!!

T+ 2:25 And the euphoria kicked! I LOVE this stuff!!

T+ 2:25 Taking notes

T+ 2:25 This stuff is so much fun. Euphoric, happy, slightly psychedelic, just awesome. I already bought more. Lol. Definitely not for someone that is inexperienced with things that give you a buzz. Because there’s definitely a head and body change. It’s seriously fantastic. Taking more with me to Vegas at the end of January. Party time!!

T+ 2:44 Socializing aspect is huge with this too. I wanna go out. But I’m not gonna drive. Uber? Yassss uber. Or maybe I should just watch some phish shows at home. Can’t decide. Quite honestly I would have waited to take this had I known it was going to be so much fun. It’s a Wednesday night lmao!! Pretty fun party for humpday lmao!!

T+ 4:06 Peaked around 3 hours. It’s a slow creeper. Still feeling awesome 4 hours in. So there needs to be some timing if you plan on taking this for a concert or party or something. I’m already planning for my Vegas concert. Starts at 8. I wanna be peaking around 10. So I’m gonna take it at 630-7. It’s gonna be perfect! Lol. But I’m also perfectly happy hanging on the couch. This stuff is seriously awesome.

Report 5:  by Female Tester

I began to take this one capsule at a time since I am fairly new to nootropics. But, as luck would have it, one capsule is my sweet spot. Two at a time is great, but I mostly like to take these when in a studious position, which means I need to be “with it”. Also, this way tends to keep the capsules working longer, meaning I don’t need to take such a long vacation in between doses to keep it working well, in my own experience. I have taken them on an empty stomach, with food, with kratom, and without anything else. Empty stomach and all on its own is the best way for me.

I felt the capsule within the hour, very subtly. It began to pick up speed in the second hour, but at both points it was a lovely feeling. I felt stimulated, but in such a way I was not jittery nor did I feel twitchy like I do with stimulants in general. My mind was like a laser, and I actually felt pretty chill which is why I hesitate to use the word stimulated. I didn’t feel drugged, sluggish, agitated, sleepy, strung out, or any other uncomfortable feeling which tends to follow these substances in my experience. A clean, anxiety-free, chill feeling with heightened mental clarity is the best way I can describe this stuff.