Trial Experiences With Krampus O-phoria

Report 1: (included all ingredients minus Ginseng Root Extract) by Krampus

My goal is pretty much the same: a concoction that comes in handy when you wanna indulge in some extra special chill time and maybe enhance things like gaming, socializing, or bedroom shenanigans. Nothing too sinister. What I got was kinda like “Vegan U-phoria”. There were flashes of the original here and there, but I still feel like something was missing. What I did find interesting was that it kicked in and hit the peak faster. Started coming on strong at about an hour and half, then climaxed at two hours instead of the usual three hours. Thought that was encouraging.

Felt a sliver of anxiety during the come-up, but that could possibly be a case of drinking some coffee, writing an annoying article for my that client, or simply being anxious. Missing was the laser focus and the “OMG this shit is awesome!” feeling I get when U-phoria is firing on all cylinders. Overall it was a good experience that gave me a sense of well being and comforting peace of mind. Still as clear-headed as ever. I guess you can even say it was euphoric … yet still not to a point where I’d feel confident enough to put it on the menu.

Report 2: by Anonymous Tester #1

What a fun night! Lol! So I don’t think it actually helps with pain. I think it just makes you not care. I seriously didn’t care about anything last night. It’s a reset button for your day. Have a tough day? Take some O-phoria! In 4 hours you won’t care! Lmaoooooo!!! I stayed up late and watched twiddle videos and talked about music. The first hour had me tired though. But I fought through it and it went away and turned into this super chill not a care in the world feeling. I forgot to eat dinner but I didn’t care. I don’t even know what time I went to bed. It’s a mind eraser.

Report 3: by Anonymous Tester #2

For what ever reason, it seems to work better with my kratom. More synergistic. (Is that a word lol) But I’m definitely more calm and focused. Even doing the dishes didn’t suck as bad lol. I took it about an hour ago. 

Report 4: by Anonymous Tester #3

I finally tried O-phoria yesterday and loved it. It was the most relaxed I’ve been in a while, but without sleepiness. It definitely provides a head change and full body relaxation. The other ones provide a much more energizing effect, and this one is great for chillin. I fell asleep with no problems and got 9 hours of sleep last night. Love it!

Report 5: by Anonymous Tester #4

I needed to relax in the worse way. At first, I felt a little tingly all over. Then came the feeling of just not giving a shit about anything. I would describe it as the same feeling of a super potent kava concentrate or something. Nothing like taking a Xannex or anything like that. I am very clear headed, no crazy slurring of speech or acting like a dumbass. Just super relaxed. If you are wary, try just one cap. I took 2 because I am just THAT upset, that I felt my emotions would override any effects at all. I feel perfectly comfortable driving, being with all my faculties (I am actually finishing up some homework, so my head is clear).

I chose to take it at night for the chance of being able to sleep well. But I would be fine taking it during the day as well. I’d try just one like a couple hours before you plan on going to bed so you can feel the full effects of it. But seriously, a glass of wine makes me act/feel more dumbed down than this stuff does.