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Trial Experiences With Krampus O-phoria

Report 1: (included all ingredients minus Ginseng Root Extract) by Krampus My goal is pretty much the same: a concoction that comes in handy when you wanna indulge in some extra special chill time and maybe enhance things like gaming, socializing, or bedroom shenanigans. Nothing too sinister. What I got was kinda like “Vegan U-phoria”. […]

Trial Experiences With Krampus U-Phoria 2

Report 1: by Krampus Still awaiting word from my testers, but wanted to give some initial thoughts on U-phoria part 2. Where do I even begin … okay, for starters I find this blend more laid back than the first. Body is lightweight and muscles feel kinda noodley. Like laying down feels fuckin’ spectacular. Overall […]

Fermented Kanna vs. Unfermented Kanna: What’s the Difference?

People often ask us: “Krampus, what’s the difference between fermented kanna and unfermented kanna?” Well after months of extensive testing, we’ve finally put our wrinkly finger on it … I think. Here goes:   Kanna traditionally goes through the process of fermentation, which gives it new character – so to speak, for about a week. […]

KALK Reviews

Well, to say I have a difficult time sleeping is like saying the water is just lukewarm up in Antarctica. My sleep patterns are whack. So, when I heard people were sleeping well with KALK, I had to give it a shot. I was extremely leery, as I have yet to find that perfect “whatever” […]

Trial Experiences With Krampus U-phoria

Report 1: (included all ingredients minus Adrafanil) by Krampus Full effects were slow to kick in and didn’t peak til nearly the 4 hour mark. This may be due to the high dose of kratom I started before then, which can some time dull the effects of other things. But once I got rolling I […]