An ideal blend of carefully selected herbs and nootropics, Krampus U-phoria is an enraptured ride down the road that hovers above the magical strawberry patch and just below the ninth cloud. A must-try in this time and space for the spirited traveler of sound body and mind.

Ingredients: Kanna, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, Green Tea, NALT, Alcar, and Adrafinil.


Disclaimer: This product is not FDA-approved nor intended for clinical applications.


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It’s the perfect mix of energy, euphoria and all around good feels. No negative side effects. Great for chillin or doing pleasurable activities. The come down is smooth and the sleep was great. The whole experience lasted about 6 hours.


I took 2 caps, After a slow 3 hour creep My usual ringing in My ears became a full Body Buzz From head to toe,It actually became a vibration,I also felt a calming euphoric feeling that I really enjoyed. I also have to add at one point I felt as if I had a out of body experience?— I felt as if I can see My self above My bed looking at My alarm clock.. I felt in control of Myself and it was a safe buzz..The Buzz lasted A good 5-6 hours and I slept well I had no side effects.  Can’t wait for U-Phoria 2.


Krampus U-phoria

Sample (2 Capsules)



Krampus U-phoria

Perfect Sense Pack (6 Capsules )



Krampus U-phoria

Action Pack (10 Capsules )



These creep up slow and peak at around 3 hours, but last around 6 hours. First thing I noticed was my ears got warm and my head got tingly. I was surprised that they just kept getting stronger and stronger. Really great warm fuzzy body high with mental clarity. Lights are brighter. Music sounds a little better. These are so much fun. Perfect for a party or concert but I was completely content at home for my first go around. I love that your head is still there, you are able to function, even through the body and visual stimulation. Overall the funnest mix of herbs and noots I’ve ever had. I ordered more about 3 hours in. SOLD!! If you are looking for a fun evening, these are it. I slept like a rock and woke up without any sort of hangover. Absolutely perfect!


It was all good!! Worked and was happy about it. I don’t know how you made these but they are amazing ?? Went from stimulating to just happy and euphoric and it lasted a long time for me. The first four hours it was very strong so thumbs up!!!