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Crystal Krampus (90x): It’s absolutely wonderful. It works so amazing for bad pain and anxiety days. Let me tell you, I have a very high tolerance for anything. I won 5 grams of this a while back in one of the contests. I don’t even have to use a gram with my dose. I know this because I’ve used it five or six times already and still have two maybe even three uses of it left. It goes great with the Red Sumatra and settles my anxiety so quick and so well. Thank you so much for putting this in a winning. This is by far one of my favorite products of yours. It has made top 3. Get you some of the Crystal Krampus 90x if you can. You won’t regret it. Kratom on my friends! – Princess

Big Green Leaf: I found this strain to be delightful. I normally don’t feel a ton of pain relief from the green strains unless I blend them with others. This stuff is great for about any and every ailment. Massive amounts of energy, pain relief, and mood enhancement (all three areas were 9 out of 10 thumbs up). I also don’t need my average dose with this, I can get away with about half. It feels slightly subtler green Hulu, yet stronger than Vietnam or Cambodian, in my experience. It’s like the florescent neon green, I think I sat and smelled it while gazing at it for some time before I took it. A must try, seriously! It will be a staple in my supply for sure. – Jessica. J

Sangria: This red is so unique. Not as stimulating as Thai, but enough to not feel sedated during the day. I react very good to dark reds, only rarely are they sedating. However, if taking the red strain throughout the duration of the day (such as bad pain days), it tends to build up which results in a sedative effect. Not this strain though. Very balanced with pain relief and with plenty energy for a dark red. Mood enhancement was certainly there as well. (Mood = 6, Pain relief = 8, and energy = 8). It has become one of my favorite daytime pain strains. This one is a keeper! – Jessica. J

Cilantro: This green strain is one I find to be best for mood and energy. There is a fair amount of pain relief with this single strain as well. (Mood = 9, Energy = 9, Pain = 6). I would say it’s comparable to Green Papua, and a little bit more potent than Green Elephant. This one is fabulous to mix with a Yellow or White for that extra energy mile, or a red strain for a little extra pain relief. It’s certainly unique, having tried every Green Contel carries, this is not quite like any other green he offers. If you are looking to mix it up to keep things fresh, this one will not disappoint! – Jessica. J

Cilantro: So I wanted to write a review on the new Cilantro strain that I recieved in the mail yesterday. I was having a hard day yesterday…I was in a lot of pain and I was having anxiety really bad because my prescription of Xanax did not get filled due to the Doctor being really busy. Let’s just say that I was not in a good mood! The first thing I noticed about this strain of Kratom is that it packed into my tsp. and was hard to dump in the back of my throat because it would stick. Like it really got compacted in there. I took 2 tsp. and it took about 20 minutes to kick in. All of a sudden I was up out of bed, happy and talking to everyone again. My anxiety was gone, but even better I just felt really good! It also worked great for pain. I was very happy with Cilantro! I have not tried a lot of strains of Kratom, but this has to be one of my favorites!!! – Jamie

Red Akuamma: I just tried the red akumma powder and it’s absolutely wonderful! I took way less of it than what I usually dose if kratom and it is still working strong. It kicked in quick and I’ve got that warm fuzzy feeling. Such a good product and I recommend anyone with bad anxiety or pain should definitely try it! – Princess

White Papua: I have been cutting my caffeine down to zero because it makes me feel bad to crash in the evening. I generally don’t like caffeine so it was amazing to see my breakfast drinks transform from coffee to kratom & hot chocolate. The white papua is my favorite work time flavor. It’s that fire!! – Nathanial

Purple Rain: I use this strain for endurance/energy, focus, pain and when I need to be active, or all the above. A very balanced blend for all ailments. I did experience a little bit of anxiety with this blend, so I added a small amount of another red or the Green Horn with this blend. When I’m very active, I don’t notice the anxiety, however. Only if taken too close to bed time. – Jessica J.

Green Horn: I found this strain to be fair with pain control and energy. However, the anxiety relief was amazing! It lasted for 6-8 hours, and was perfect for blending other other strains which provide energy and pain relief. Normally green/white strains give me some anxiety, but not this strain. – Jessica J.

Super Green Malay:  Awesome for anxiety relief (an 8 on a scale from 1-10), pain relief (a 6) and energy (was about a 7). This strain is perfect all in it’s own right, or also is great for blending as well. This strain lasted about 6-7 hours, which about blew me away. Absolutely great, well balanced strain for myself. – Jessica J.

Green Cambodian: I have read about it, then heard about it, and then researched it. It has a very unique alkaloid profile, and had to find some. About a week later, Krampus announced they had it. What I can say is: Everything I read about how potent it is, about how much energy and pain relief it delivers with a fraction of what I would normally take is spot on. It has a different feeling than a powerful red, such as Bentuangie (I think it has to do with the energy provided). I love this stuff. – Jessica J.

Chocolate Kratom: I find this strain on par with Bentuangie. Very nice pain and anxiety relief. I use this alone at night or during the day in a blend. I take 1/2-3/4 of the dose of this strain than normal, it is potent stuff although I have never been disappointed in any strains Krampus offers. Great customer service, communication, shipping and packaging.- Jessica J.

Chocolate: Got my order today and got the Chocolate kratom. WOW FOR PAIN RELIEF THIS IS A MUST HAVE. I also have an enhanced one for extra quick relief, ive heard the buzz about the chocolate around so i had to try that being said but it was very quick acting muscle releasing and it lasted about 5 hours before i took a few sips of my hunnys dose of snow white. He is more of a occasional energy or ache user. But hes seen how it helps me and its natural so hes all for it. – Alicia

Chocolate: This is a very relaxing strain and really helps with pain. It’s close to red Sumatra for me, which is and has been my go to strain. Chocolate really helped with my anxiety and also kinda had me thinking a little more clear. Which if you know me, that’s a huge factor lmao. All in all I really enjoy the chocolate strain. I can’t wait to try the double chocolate one. – Princess

KratomSutra: Ok so i have been taking kratom for months and last night i tried enhanced kratomsutra. oH mYlanta it took a lottle longer to kick in. I have never had so much relief, extreme relief. I had to lay down!!!!! It was so intense. people tell you about the power of kratom but holy f. I didnt know it could do all that. Kratom you never cease to amaze me! So this blend is not for a beginner or lightweight this is for heavy duty go to the ER type pain. – Alicia

Angie’s Blend: This is by far the best kratom I have ever had! First the euphoria hits, then total body relaxation then the best pain relief I have ever had in my years of kratom use! This is intense and I urge you all to try it! – Angie

Green Vietnam: This strain is one of the best green’s out there. I have found I react differently, however slight, to different green strains. This specific strain has what I feel to be a unique alkaloid content. It is a strain I do not need to take extra to achieve the analgesic effect. If I need to be at home doing something where I need to focus yet have pain, a little of this goes a long way. It provides focus, energy, and pain relief for myself. It is also a green I can use at night because it is not overly stimulating. – Jessica

Inner G: I have severe chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis, fibro, and a labrum tear in my hip that needs surgery. I worked outside all day weeding and doing yard work, which is the type of activity that causes me intense pain on top of the pain I already have. I got my Kratom in the mail this afternoon and immediately took a teaspoon of inner G – I was able to push through a cook a 3 course meal! I’m having some pain now but I seriously feel amazing. I’ve been taking cbd oil for a few weeks and I think it’s helping, but it never gives me instant pain relief like this has. I can’t wait to try the rest! – Julie

Super Bentuangie: After about 20-30 minutes my pain was melting away. – Cindi

White Hulu Kapuas: My brother had the white Hulu kappas because he struggled a lot with fatigue due to a heart and lung condition he also has knee pain as well. He said it helped his knees pain some but it did help with a lot of energy. – Melody

Bentuangie: The Red Bentuangie was excellent for pain. Oh wow it is some of the best product I have had for pain relief. I would highly highly highly highly recommend. – Melody

Elephant: I also got the green elephant. It was pretty good for pain relief not as good as a red bentuangie but still very good. I had some very very pleasant and unexpected effects from as well. I wasn’t sure the first couple of days… I got it on Saturday but by yesterday I was absolutely positive. I got a whole lot of energy for a very specific activity. My husband does not take Kratom but he loves the green elephant. It even gave me energy in the afternoon for this couple activities… LOL – Melody

Enhanced Red Harmony: This stuff is amazing. I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I love this stuff! It is always going to be a permanent fixture in my arsenal. I like it tons better than the red fibro from pa botanicals. Not saying it isn’t great, but this is like it but works much longer and faster! – Angie

Red Harmony: I have chronic bronchitis and several disk issues in my spine I take pain medications everyday and still have no relief I tried one teaspoon of Red Harmony and slept with no pain for the first time in over 9 years. – Tara

Emerald Envy: I tried Emerald envy and within 10 minutes my nerves were calm. I have anxiety and it controls my life I have been on many different medications but this is the first time I have used anything natural and it worked. – Jesse

Pink Borneo: I have pain from a knee injury from a few years ago and everyday is a struggle to walk or stand for long periods. I tried one dose of pink Borneo and I had pain relief I had ever had before. – Andrew

Sunshine Envy: I have been addicted to pain pills for over 20 years and nothing I have ever tried has helped to get the addiction controlled. I finally took the first step and tried kratom and the blend I took Sunshine envy worked, I have been off of my pain pills for 2 days now and I feel like i can do this. – Helen

Enhanced Red Borneo: I totally forgot to do this. I won awhile back some enhanced red borneo. Well the reason i remembered is i have been having terrible back pain nothing helping. I found the bag today took 2 tsp ( my normal dose is 5) an i am so relaxed. Its amazing an i def recommend it. – Amanda

Fire & Earth: Just tried the Earth and fire blend and randomly cleaned my entire kitchen…so much energy. I never thought a red/green mix would give so much energy! – Jessica

JanGreen: JanGreen is really quite lovely! Soothing, euphoric, and pain relieving while giving you providing easy energy. – Jan

28 to 1: Resin. I ordered some resin, and he so kindly put a nice sample of Green Maeng Da in the package. The products came extremely fast, and well packaged.

I am doing a taper off of opiates, and recently tapered completely off the long acting medication. I was experiencing withdraw pretty badly. I threw the resin in some tea, and tossed/washed a little powder. I was not only feeling like the w/draw melted away, the severe pain I was feeling was gone, and I felt human. It was at night, and for the first time in days I slept pain free….. to the point I slept through most of the next day. Bear in mind, I haven’t slept great feeling the intense pain and discomfort.

I am experienced in resin and kratom. I have to say, this quality far surpasses any other vendor I have tried. I look forward to a long, quality and worry free relationship! – Jessica

Red Lotus. I LOVE your Red Lotus!!! Great for night!! – Betty

Red Borneo: It has won second place in my favorite red strains. Close tie with Sumatra and you know how much I love my red Sumatra. Very relaxing, pain relieving, and helped so much with my anxiety. – Princess

Red Borneo. I haven’t had the red Borneo strain in a few months. I tried last night an hour before bed and I must say I’m very pleased. I drank one cup of the blue lotus tea with one teaspoon (separate) of the red Borneo and I slept like a baby. My dreams were very vivid. – David

Borneo Blend. Im loving the Borneo Blend!! Thank you so much for the quick shipping and excellent product!! I’m always happy with your strains! You are the best! – Carrie

Green Maeng Da. I woke up with approx 5 grams of his new maeng da and once again i feel even more amazing! Excellent smooth energy and the perfect amount of pain relief. I will definitely be ordering some more asap!! – Kimberly

Green Maeng Da. Color and freshness good. Mild pain relief, good energy. Better focus and mood. – Kelly

Crushed Maeng Da Leaves. Brewed some tea the coffee maker way with almost an ounce of the crushed leaves, and I must say it turned out well. After 2 coffee mugs full, I feel really good, I’d definitely go that route again. – Isaiah

Crushed Maeng Da Leaves. I made tea with 4g of crushed green MD. Within 5 minutes I had a nice floaty feeling. In 10 my pain was all but gone. I’m more than satisfied. You killed it as always! – Josh

Crushed Maeng Da Leaves/Gold Kratom Extract 10x. Just took another 2 grams of 10x extract and made a cup of Kratom tea using my crushed leaf from you. OMG! That is FANTASTIC!! Can’t even put to words how wonderful i am feeling now. I have never made kratom tea before but I am now going to make tea more often. It ROCKS!! – Kimberly A.

Gold Kratom Extract 10x. The 10x extract worked for my husband and worked very well. He took 1 gram of the 10x extract and about 5 grams red maeng da and I could see the relief he got hust by looking at him. His eyes finally had the relieved relaxness back to them and he smiled all day!! Was up playing with our kiddos and I seriously teared up seeing the the man I married come back!!! Thank you so much. You not only have amazing products, the fasted shipping and above and beyond amazing customer service but you gave me and my husband our lives back! And our kids there parents back♡ We are both pain free, energetic and way way more involved then we were when we both were struggling in pain always laying on the couch or sitting cuz it hurt to bad to move. Well that’s a thing of the past now!!! Thank you dearly for all you’ve done for my family by providing such fresh potent quality kratom and many options to choose from at prices we can afford with 3 kids!! THANK YOU!!! – Kimberly

Gold Kratom Extract 10x. Took 2g and about 10 minutes later I had a warm fuzzy feeling followed by my pain melting away in about 30 minutes. I usually don’t take extract on its own but wanted to review it. This seems to have a much broader alkaloid spectrum than 60x or 100x. If it didn’t build up your tolerance so quickly I’d take this daily. You’ve yet to let me down – Josh

Red Lotus Blend. I was very excited to try the lotus blends, which i did last night. I took about 6 grams of the red lotus blend and I have never slept so good in my life! I usually sleep for a few hours here n there but last night I was relaxed and pain free that I slept a little over 6 hours!!! Holy wow!!! I feel so much better today just because I slept. – Kimberly

Green MalayYour Green Malay is awesome! Thank you so much i’m loving it! – Carrie

Green Malay. Excellent service! Quality was good also. Liked the green Malay. – Alex

8 Shades of Green. I hadn’t dosed yet today so I immediately took 8 Shades of Green. I have to say that I really like it. I feel this incredible sense of clam. I wasn’t in any elevated pain today so I can’t comment on pain relief, but this sense of calm is exactly what I needed. The last few days have been high anxiety. It got so bad that I was in tears installing my new printer…and it was an EASY install. Now I just feel…..calm. And I love that word. – Marisa

8 Shades of Green. Happy to receive my Krampus Botanicals order today. AWESOME!! Super fresh and great quality!!! Found my new source. – Kimberly

Inner G. Great stuff!! Gave me energy and low pain!! And it lasted about 6 hours!! Good stuff great prices!! And it lasted six hours!!! – Betty

Inner G. I absolutely love this blend! Felt it very quickly and I feel amazing! Nice clean energy and the perfect amount of pain relief. This is truly what u have been searching for and what’s even better is the price! Amazing customer service and the most potent fresh product I have had the pleasure to try. Definitely a customer for life!!! Thank you so much!! – Kim

Forever Red. I just tried his new Forever red blend and am feeling wonderful, not to mention shipping was super fast! It hits pain great, anxiety is down and yet does not cause to much drowsiness! Perfect for me! – Jessica

Forever Red. Its awesome sauce!!! I was in a lot of pain and still had alot of stuff to do so i decided to give it a try and pain is gone and it didn’t make me drowsy at all! – Nicole

Red Harmony. I LOVE IT. Its an amazing blend. Took a teaspoon earlier when my pain started and i am feeling amazing and yet not super tired like some of the reds tend to make me. Its awesome!! – Jessica

Red Maeng Da. This stuff is pretty amazing and potent! I gave it to my husband last night and it almost completely took care of his knee pain. I took some last night and loved it so I figured I’d give it another go this morning. I get energy off of this red. It is definitely top notch! – Angie

Red Maeng Da. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe how fresh and potent it was! My husband looks at me about 10mins after taking it and all he could say was Whoa! After a few more minutes he looked at me all confuzzled and finally said his knee pain was gone! That’s a huge achievement bcuz his pain is so bad that nothing makes it go away fully! I also felt amazing pain relief! My back felt normal for the first time in a long time! And we were pain free for over 5 hours!!! I’m not a big fan of reds but man do I love his red Maeng da!! And not to mention I can take 1/3 to 1/2 the dose I normally take with how amazing the quality is.  Your products and service just keeps wowing us and will always keep us coming back!!! Thank you so much again! Will be placing another order soon!!! – Kimberly 

KratomSutra: Your kratom sutra is the bomb. For the last 3 days I have been taking 1 teaspoon in the morning and a 1/2 of a tablespoon couple hours after dinner, on top of my regular doses of kratom. Let’s just say last night was very special. – David

KratomSutra. Well, I’ll try and keep this family friendly. Received an ounce of KratomSutra from Krampus Botanical. Let’s put it this way ….. the wife says … “what got into you last night?” 2 thumbs up! – JP

KratomSutra. Best I’ve had! – Tiffany

Red Vein Bali. Got Your sample of Red Borneo this morning. Couldn’t have come on a more perfect day as my pain level was pretty off the charts. 2 teaspoons n I was up n had my House clean in No time, Excellent Kratom! Beautiful color, nice n fresh, A good red borneo like yours is 1 of my favorite strains, kinda funny cause I don’t think I told You what my favorite was. – Rachel

Red Vein Bali. I finally got my samples yesterday! I’m really loving this Wonderful Red Borneo!!! Great feeling. Real calm, in no pain and just a bit of energy.I am enjoying my day! Thank you so much for being so friendly and informative in our chats. – Kelly

Red Vein BaliNice chill pain relief. Loving how fine its ground too. – Josh

Red Vein Bali. The red was awesome. Very very finely micronized and great quality. I had about 5 people try it out (3 were completely new to kratom and they loved it!). The veterans were even impressed. Thanks bud! – Albert

Red Vein Thai. Hi! I’ve had the chance to try Krampus red vein Thai. This stuff is good! Now I know I’m a newbie and have lots of vendors to try yet but good is good!! I’ve had 2 other strains from 2 other vendors so far. This red vein Thai is my first Thai. I love how relaxed in feel!! I’m a fanatical mess with anxiety. Not now!! I now know why different strains do different things. All three rock! Will order again! Thanks again – Concetta

White (Horn) Indo. I’m impressed with the white indo too. Good pain relief and not as jittery as most whites. Good mood elevation too. – Josh

Green Kapuas Hulu. It’s wonderful!! When I got up today I was still tired and it’s a bad fibro n shoulder day. Got my caffeine, showered, walked the dog. Than i dosed the kapuas. It’s like night n day!! Pain is tolerable and i have energy! – Concetta