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Mumiyo, better known “Shilajit”, is a combination of rare minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids that exudes from the steep rocks of the Altai Mountains. While fulvic acid is the primary constitute, it also contains vitamins A, B, C, and P, copper, nickel, magnesium, and zinc among other materials. Shilajit is associated with a number of potential benefits, including fighting fatigue, anti-aging, brain detoxification, heart health, and improved sexual performance. More benefits are being studied as we speak.



Krampus Botanicals is proud to offer certified Altai Shilajit. This product is 100% pure and the highest of quality.


Shilajit Resin

10 grams – $10.00


Purified Shilajit Powder

5 grams – $10.00





Noticed immediate relief after second dose of 2 akuamma seeds and half my reg kratom dose but it didnt last long so about an hour ago I took 4 seeds and half my regular dose and am feeling pretty good. My initial response is that akuamma seeds can’t replace kratom for me but it will help me cut down on kratom use. I noticed tha the seeds helped my arthritis alot more than it did my widespread nerve pain. I suffer from severe fibro


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