Purple Drank

Your search for the ultimate legal lean experience ends here! Purple Herbal Drank — or P.H.D. — is specially designed to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Concentrated from all-natural ingredients, we created this unique herbal blend to help us unwind in a worry-free environment. Safe and sound is how we get down.

Simply pour, mix with your favorite beverage, and go to that tranquil place we like to call the Chill Zone.




What’s in P.H.D.?

The so-called sizzurp phenomenon has fueled the legal lean market. Well guess what? We’ve tested the competition. Some are okay. Some are two shades from a rip-off. All fall short of Purple Herbal Drank. What makes us so bold? It’s all about what’s on the inside.


P.H.D. contains the following active ingredients:

Akuamma Seeds have long been used in African medicine to treat everything from pain and malaria to inflammation and insomnia. Derived from the fruit of the picralima nitida tree, akuamma seeds are rapidly gaining popularity in the kratom community due to the presence of similar alkaloids.

Kanna has been used in South Africa as both a euphoric agent and herbal medicine for hundreds of years. Botanically known as sceletium tortousum, this succulent plant is being increasingly studied for its potential as a natural alternative to traditional medications designed to treat anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

Kava (extract) root is revered as a ceremonial beverage across the Pacific Islands. In recent times, kava has gained favor within the global botanical community for its remarkable muscle soothing and relaxation properties.

Red Lotus is a member of the sacred lotus (nelumbo) family of water lilies, which also includes white lotus, and the more commonly known blue lotus. Also known as pink lotus, the aromatic red lotus is not only efficiently calming, but viewed as a symbol of beauty and spirituality in many cultures.


Combined, these ingredients use the power of synergy to create one of the most potent herbal syrup products on the market. On a side note, we carry each individual herb. Sourced from the best farmers in their respective markets.


What people are saying about Purple Herbal Drank — so far!


Pretty good chill factor. – Jimmy

I felt relaxed within minutes and slept better last night since I don’t even know when. I woke up refreshed and feeling great. Tastes kind of herbally chocolate? – Nicole

Nice euphoria with no discomfort. It wasn’t stimulating, per se, but I did have trouble falling asleep. But when I DID fall asleep, it was great sleep. I think the kanna stands out a lot, as in it’s relaxing and energizing at the same time. It could pop me out of a bad mood in no time. – Mer Mer

I REALLY enjoyed this new product. I mixed it with some cran/grape juice and sucked it down pretty fast! After drinking it I laid back and relaxed waiting to the see the effects. After only 10mins I started to feel warm and fuzzy, my anxiety was noticeably calmer, and I began to relax.

I am very VERY pleased with this concoction and highly recommend it for anyone dealing with insomnia, anxiety, and overstimulation.- Rae



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Purple Herbal Drank (P.H.D.)

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  • Restricted to ages 18 and older
  • Legal in 49 0f 50 states (sorry Louisiana!)
  • This product is not intended to treat any medical condition
  • The statements regarding this product have not been endorsed by the FDA