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O-phoria is an all natural version of our exciting botanical project Krampus U-phoria. In a nutshell, it’s a more laid back version of the original. Different but still worth the ride, according to our testers.



Ingredients: enhanced kanna, fermented and unfermented kanna, enhanced kava, tongkat ali, cordyceps sinensis, shilajit powder, green tea, L-theanine, ginseng root extract.


Disclaimer: This product is not FDA-approved nor intended for clinical applications.


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Wow its amazing stuff . It kicked in pretty quick for me i was feeling it withen like 30 mins. I was super calm and i didnt mind noise music sounded pretty awsome too. I did feel like i had a outter body experience too i felt my skin tingling and so much pressure like i was coming out of my body. It was amazing. This lasted like 30 mins. Then after the 30 mins all my anxiety and panic attacks went away . I was happy nothing could get me down. It sure is amazing stuff. I felt pretty great from 3 pm to 1 am . It lasted pretty long.

I took two capsules too on a empty stomic. Im going to order more when im out of these caps!



Krampus O-phoria

Sample (2 Capsules)



I am telling ya, it’s out of this world awesome. Right now I think it’s at it’s peak, and I am alert/aware, etc. But man, I am SOOOO relaxed.


Krampus O-phoria

Perfect Sense Pack (6 Capsules )




Krampus O-phoria

Action Pack (10 Capsules )



End result? I will be trying it again and definitely recommend it. Especially if you have anxiety.




When I first tried them, I put 2 seeds in a coffee grinder and washed half of the grounds down with some juice. Within a few minutes, I was completely relaxed. No anxiety, pain, or stress, just pure relaxation! Absolutely perfect for evening time and winding down for the night. I fell asleep about an hour later, and slept all night. This is a big deal for me, because I have a lot of issues sleeping. The taste of the seeds is really bitter, so the next day I just put the grounds in capsules and had no problem whatsoever taking them that way. I would definitely recommend Akuamma seeds to everyone! I’ve had a friend try them, and she liked them as well. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful seeds!


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