Kanna Reviews

Just wanted to let everyone know again how awesome Kanna is. I finally realized, it does whatever you want it to, an isn’t just for relaxing. It can be very energetic. It’s such a strange plant, but it’s amazing! It’s like, pure happiness, bright colors, sense of contentment, etc. I took some before my dance fitness class to check it’s energetic properties, and boy was that an entertaining class! The class has dim lights, light effects and loud music which the Kanna made highly enjoyable. Slightly psychedelic (but not like, crazy!) I was good to go all class energy wise. Seriously, this plant does whatever you want it to. Experiment with your dose (I chewed and swallowed almost a gram), but be careful not to take too much… It must be respected. – Meredith

Slowly but surely I’m learning why kanna is more than twice the price of kratom. While very different, gram for gram it’s several times more potent. I chewed a gram of the crushed leaf and it was on par with the extract I tried this morning. The feeling is “slightly” psychedelic. A shower feels awesome and you just wanna close your eyes as these light waves ripple over your body. Kinda intense at first, but levels off into a smooth, mellow experience. I imagine the capsules are the most subtle method, so if you try some of the other varieties, you may wanna tread lightly at first. This herb deserves respect! – Count
Today I have not taken any kratom so far. In the morning I took a nice pinch of kanna and chewed on it for 15 mins until it broke down then I swallowed what was left. I felt the effects within 15 mins or so. It had a nice overall feeling. So far it kept me in a very good state of mind. I took a second pinch a half hour before work (10 hrs later). 3 hours into work, once again a nice overall feeling of relaxation. So far kanna will be my go to If kratom is banned. I still haven’t tried kava yet but I plan on using kanna & kava instead of going back to anxiety meds. – David

So I took 1 kanna capsule about 30 minutes ago. I am feeling some really pleasant relaxation and pain relief. I have to say that is is very much like a nice red vein. I’m feeling some warmth about my head and shoulders and my tension is really melting away. -Marisa

I took 1 Kanna pill in the middle of the afternoon yesterday… Within 30 mins I was relaxed and ready for a nap… 30 mins after that, I WAS napping and did so for almost 2 hours. Keep in mind, I have 4 kids and either the Kanna did a great job letting me sleep thru them mid-afternoon, or my husband did a good job keeping them quiet. LOL. Later last night, I took 1 more and slept really good all night. I dunno that I can take it mid-day everyday due to the drowsiness, unless it’s something you just get adjusted to, like some other “pharma” meds… BUT, it definitely helped with anxiety, relaxation of the mind and body, and sleep. – Jessica K

My Kanna experience. For me, a lower dosage caused stimulation, and a higher dosage caused sedation. I took 1 cap, and definitely felt the effects within an hour. The stimulation I speak of is similar to a Sativa cannabis strain, I felt very creative and extremely chill, but not sleepy. I took a second 2 hours after the first, and passed out within 30 minutes. I slept for 9 hours, which is a rarity for me.

The Effects: Similar to Blue lotus with the tingly/sparkly feeling, similar to Kava which eased all anxiety. I didn’t feel impaired at all, just happy. Kanna is happiness. Definitely ordering more. – Jess

 Kanna… I’m in love!! The first evening I took 1 capsule and felt kinda mellow and tired, but the effects were not that noticeable. The second evening I took two, and the effects were more noticeable, with an overall light and peaceful mellowness. I got really tired about 1 1/2 hrs after taking it. Last night I took 4, and the effects were much more pronounced. I think 4 is my sweet spot. Very peaceful, warm, happy feeling. I was so relaxed, but there was no cognitive impairment at all. In fact, I felt like I was able to think more clearly because my mind wasn’t racing. I was able to focus. Calmed my ADD down, lol. At 4 capsules I was afraid I was just going to pass the fuck out, but I was very much awake and alert, but relaxed and mellow at the same time. I felt very happy, and a warm humming through my body. I cant quite describe it other than that, lol. I didn’t have the tired feeling as I did on the lower doses, but when I was ready for sleep 3 hours later, I was able to fall asleep quickly and had a great nights sleep. I’m definitely sold on kanna, especially after researching it more. – Heather

I took the plunge and smoked some kanna in my bong SHEESH. About a half gram of crushed leaf into the bowl. As I believe Meredith said, it’s kinda harsh and not necessarily a pleasant smoke, but I imagine that can be remedied with other tasty herbs. Just as I was thinking this probably will be my least favorite method, I feel that now familiar rush envelop my body from head to toe, encouraging me to lay back, close my eyes for a second and chill.

What I find so impressive about kanna is that while it’s hard to describe, the feeling is unmistakable. I had a few cannabis capsules along with some White Papua and Green Borneo a couple hours prior, but I could still feel it doing its thing. I don’t wanna say it overpowers other herbs because there is nice synergy, but kanna definitely makes its presence known. There’s no doubt its working. At least in all my trials.

Overall impressions: smoking kanna produces immediate results, but to my surprise it’s much less intense than the other methods I tried. Not necessarily a bad thing. Mind is crystal clear, muscles are relaxed, and I feel great, hopefully about to get some good sleep. So there you have it Peoples. – Count

And I can vouch for Kanna now! Like most things I do, I like to over do it. So, four caps was my sweet spot. It’s the only thing that has ever couched me…but not in an “I can’t move,” way. Just nice clean, relaxed feeling but still focused and perma smile. It’s actually really cool. Slept amazingly. – Meredith