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Incarvillea Sinensis

Incarvillea Sinensis is an herb that shows tremendous promise for its relaxing and pain relieving properties. In fact, it targets the very same receptors as many traditional pain medications. While very little is known about it in the western world, Incarvillea Sinensis has been a staple in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.


Incarvillea Sinensis Extract Powder (20x)

5 Grams


10 Grams


I will have to say after getting past the lingering taste in my mouth I noticed the pain in my back and joints disappear. I fell asleep and slept all night 8 hours to be exact. I haven’t slept that long in a few months. Iv been off synthetic pain meds for 2 months and needed a natural replacement . The akuamma seeds worked like a charm without any side effects. Feeling great this morning! It’s mind over matter activating the seeds between your teeth but worth it in the end. I give it a B+ just because of the taste or else I would give it an A -


Hot Seller!