Friends of Krampus

Friends of Krampus is a private social network built around Krampus Botanicals. There are quite a few layers to it, so we’ll break it down by providing some compelling reasons why you should join:


1. Lots of good info. Above all, this community is designed to be a centralized information hub. From kratom and kava to CBD and akuamma, each category is rich in valuable content and easily accessible.

2. You can order from here. The FOK website has a cool messaging feature you can use to submit your order inquiries. Another communication channel always comes in handy!

3. Reward points. Posts, relies, messages, and other activity help you accumulate reward points for our new incentive program. Once you collect a certain amount, those points can be used for discounts and freebies when shopping with Krampus Botanicals.

4. Big contests with big prizes. If you know us from our Facebook group, you know we already do a lot of contests. Now we’re upping the ante! We’ll be doing approximately 2 contests every month for a pound of kratom. The contests will take place in our new group “CBDKU Exclusive”.

5. You can unwind. One of my personal favorite components of this project is “Krampus Uncensored”, an anything goes environment where you can share hilarious memes, erotic pictures, and more without fear of getting reported or banned. Hey, we’re all adults, right?!

6. It’s completely private. While the content on the outer pages will be publicly accessible, whatever we post in the group stays in the group!

As a loyal supporter of Krampus Botanicals, you are cordially invited to join us on Friends of Krampus and help us build a flourishing community of open-minded people who share common interests. Feel free to set up an account and give us a holler with any questions.