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KratomSutra is one of the most popular strains/blends in the Krampus Botanicals ecosystem, an optimal combination of Red Maeng Da and Tongkat Ali, AKA Longjack. From sparking libido to increasing energy and mood elevation, it’s just a fabulous all around mix. Unfortunately, the original is no more. But now that we’ve got the formula down pat, we are proud to announce the ability to create your own version of KratomSutra from scratch. Simply choose from our broad selection of Kratom strains and we’ll do the rest. Let’s have some fun!!!



Your KratomSutra Blend

Mid-level (1 oz – 28 Grams)


XXL (4  oz – 112 grams)


Add KratomSutra to your mixed pound or kilo for an additional $10 

I have been on opiates for 20+ years. Diagnosed with Lupus when I was young, it’s always been an uphill struggle to find ways to deal with pain. Recently I switched from pharmaceuticals to natural solutions. I had these seeds on my nightstand, and one day I was in rare form. I hurt so bad I couldn’t even brush my hair (the scalp felt like the brush was a gator mouth). I was trying everything I knew to try, and the seeds crossed my mind. That night I ate only 1/2 a seed and felt AMAZING! I took a whole one before bed the following evening to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I slept for a solid 10 hours without awakening whatsoever. I had been having a difficult time sleeping, and due to these seeds, it takes my pain level from an 8 to a manageable level of a 2 of 3, and I have not experienced a sleepless night since.

Now I use them almost daily. For me, 1 large seed or 2 smalls seeds do the trick. If I suck on the seed until it softens, the potency is much stronger versus just swallowing them (although either way works). I am incredibly grateful these seeds crossed my path. If the pain struggle is real, and you have resistant pain? Trying these are a must!

Jessica J

Hot Seller!