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KratomSutra is one of the most popular strains/blends in the Krampus Botanicals ecosystem, an optimal combination of Red Maeng Da and Tongkat Ali, AKA Longjack. From sparking libido to increasing energy and mood elevation, it’s just a fabulous all around mix. Unfortunately, the original is no more. But now that we’ve got the formula down pat, we are proud to announce the ability to create your own version of KratomSutra from scratch. Simply choose from our broad selection of Kratom strains and we’ll do the rest. Let’s have some fun!!!



Your KratomSutra Blend

Mid-level (1 oz – 28 Grams)


XXL (4  oz – 112 grams)


Add KratomSutra to your mixed pound or kilo for an additional $10 

I was so super excited to get them in the mail along with my other goodies .. and the day finally came!!

I was in the middle of a migraine attack and I figured this was the best time as any to see how they would work on my pain! They were a little big so I remembered hearing that you can grind them up ! Yay ! I have just the thing .. a coffee grinder ( well its my hunnies, I don’t drink coffee) so when he was upstairs I threw them in there and pushed the button !!! Ta-da.. nice fine powder .. so now what .. hmmm.. I’ll just add it to my kratom drink! Brilliant Kratom + sunny D + akuamma seeds powder = HORRIBLE lol. They made even kratom taste like the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted. The seeds / powder of the Akuamma seeds are very very bitter.. I had heard that before also, but was not expecting them to be like that .. But hey .. what they hey .. we can remedy this … I went back to the other seeds and broke up those little guys with a meat tenderizer And swallowed those little suckers!

15 minutes later my pain was going away !! No way I thought .. 30 minutes later I could function through my non functioning migriane!

I was so happy and incredibly impressed with these little gems

But the next morning my husband couldn’t figure out why his coffee tasted so awful


Hot Seller!